Echo 2 Oxygen Treatment

The Echo 2 Plus Oxygen Treatment System is a groundbreaking oxygenated facial system employing oxygen gas vitamins, minerals, enzymes and amino acids.

Lymphatic Drainage

Lymphatic Drainage is a powerful yet gentle technique, which helps to accelerate lymph flow by stimulating the Lymphangions which is the functional unit of the lymph vessel. This means that when the lymph vessels are filled with fluid that causes many problems to your lymphatic system, the Lympahngion contracts to move the fluid along the lymph vessel. This process drains the fluid that is responsible for many lymphatic diseases such as lymphedema and swollen lymph nodes. When you receive a manual lymphatic drainage massage the toxic fluid is removed and excreted by your kidneys through urination. The main function of the lymphatic system is detoxification and removal of metabolic wastes, but with pollution, food and water intake it causes accumulation of toxic metabolic waste in our body. It’s been proven that often times the accumulation of toxic metabolic waste causes us to feel fatigued and low energy that often times make us feel like we are depressed. This is a perfect detoxification program if you suffer from clinical depression, anxiety, lymphedema and its also perfect after surgery to help remove the excess fluid that accumulated during surgery thus preventing various infections.

ElaBonita Lift

The Ela Bonita Lift is a noninvasive facelift that reduces wrinkles and tightens skin for a younger look. Our facelift is specialized and modified primarily with the exquisite expertise of our technicians that meets the demands of our clients. Our breakthrough equipment is delicate and gentle but very effective at toning and plumping the skin creating a facelift effect without the pain and discomfort of the invasive procedure. With the AB Peel technology by EUROPA using radio frequency, serums and creams are infused into the skin for maximum product absorption. With radio frequency (RF) heat energy remodels skin tissue to encourage the production of Elastin fibers and collagen. Working at the deepest layer of the skin(dermis) radio frequency heat waves promotes contraction of the underlying tissues at the dermis level. The tissues compress and realign to encourage the production of collagen; a process that without the stimulation of the heat waves takes many months to complete. Radio frequency waves help sculpt and tighten those tissues thus creating a lift that looks youthful and natural.


With our crystal and diamond advanced micro technology, it gently removes outer most skin layer to diminish lines and imperfections, sun damage, acne scars; hyper pigmentation is significantly reduced, thus exposing newer, fresher skin cells for a healthier, more radiant complexion.

Body Sculpt – Cellulite Treatment

A Non-Invasive treatment that helps to diminish the appearance of cellulite in the skin, using the Dermosonic advanced technology in addition to ultrasound. This penetrates the skin to melt away the fat cells through chemical, thermal and mechanical methods. In addition to cellulite , the the external ultrasound treats aches and pains, muscle spasms and joint contraction. Along with the Dermosonic, we also use lypossage technique to further accelerate the treatment; decrease body inches and aid in pain relief and relaxation. We also combined with soothing masques and manual deep massage to the affected area for maximum removal of cellulite’s.

Cold Light Therapy

Our Cold Light Therapy is an effective new technology for numerous conditions that many people suffer from but haven’t yet encountered a trustworthy technology that will continue to treat acne, hyper pigmentation, scar tissue and rosacea.

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Stay up to date with our Newsletter

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What our customers say about us

My experience with Spa Ela Bonita was superb. Making an appointment was easy, the location convenient to the subway, the welcome was warm, the facility is immaculate, and the facial and massage I received was as good as it gets. I recommend Iza without reservation.

Meche K.
Meche K.

Today was the first time I’ve ever gone to Ela Bonita and I can honestly say I have never received better service at a spa in my life. Iza is truly an industry veteran and treated me like a princess. She told me exactly what she was doing, why, and what I needed to do better. Also in the sweetest, most caring way possible. I love her and will be telling all my friends about her! She’s the best. Can’t wait to try her other services!

Annie M.
Annie M.

I came here with a groupon for waxing. Iza did my waxing. Oh my what can i say!! i have never had such a smooth and painless waxing in my entire life. Iza is awesome. She is from Brazil and very friendly and comforting. She made my entire waxing experience a pleasant one. One can see that she really knows what she is doing and she is an expert. I wouldn’t go anywhere else for Waxing Anymore!  I am glad that i found Iza. Thank you for all the reviews in yelp which lead me to Iza.

Liza J.
Liza J.

I have been with Iza since 2006, doing facials mainly as well as pedicures and massage on occasion,  Having lived all over ( Boston, Miami Beach, NYC) I have tried all ‘fancy’ spa’s that charge more but don’t do the same quality work. Iza treats me like family, and does the same for all customers. She never rushes or watches the clock, and does what YOU need not what she wants to sell you! Being from Brazil, I know her background with skin care is the best. In fact, all she’s done is skin care I believe as her only career. The spa is cozy and convenient ( I live walking distance) but midtown is easy for all nyc people! Try her you will leave feeling like you got what you paid for.

Harry Z.
Harry Z.

I got an email for spa week and called to book a massage and facial for me and my girlfriend.  Chatted with the lady on the phone and added the cellulite treatment with Iza.  Let me tell you, this lady rocks the house!! she is amazing, takes her time and simply a lovely person.  Joyce is lovely and i can’t wait to try her laser treatments.  Can’t wait for the hot stone massage.  An amazing place and will be going back for sure for a long time to come!!!

Robin R.

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